We at Solstice 2 & Domus Inc. are very excited to welcome you home!


We have study lounges, a full-service exercise room and more! 


Solstice 2 has lots of amenities close by and a Guelph Transit stop right outside the front door!


Who We Are
Started by students over 10 years ago, Domus has become the market leader in student accommodation management with a portfolio of over 4000 beds across Canada. This growth and success has been built on a team of passionate, fun-loving, and professional individuals who know what the student experience is all about: we share a passion for making these years of your life the most exciting they can be. 

Important contact info:

Resident Services
For any info or requests, including maintenance, you can also reach the team at or  519.342.0608 x 3

Office Info:                 
Domus Inc. is located at 295 Weber Street North Suite 7 Waterloo, ON

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday: 10am-6pm  and Friday 10am-4pm

All residents are required to submit a deficiency list within 1 week of picking up their keys.  This list is a snapshot of any deficiencies in your unit that allows us to send out work orders or document any issues.

Have an after hours emergency?
519.342.0608 x 9

Did You Know?

Locked Out  
If you lock yourself out of your unit or bedroom, you have two options depending on what time of the day/night it happens:

  1. Contact our office and we can schedule an appointment, there is no onsite manager of the unit. In the event you misplaced your FOB permanently, new FOBs can be purchased for a fee of $100.

  2. If it’s after hours, someone can be sent out to unlock the door for you for a $60.00 fee (*Payment due upon arrival of the rescuer. Cash only.)

Fire Alarms and Extinguishers
Did you know it's against the law to tamper with the fire alarms or extinguishers in your unit? Never touch or remove your fire alarms/extinguishers and if you notice there is one missing/defective, contact immediately. Tampering with your fire safety devices will result in being fined by the City of Guelph.

Maintenance Requests
How do I make a maintenance request?

  • email or call 519.342.0608 x 3

  • provide us with a detailed description of the issue/request so we can serve you as efficiently as possible

  • give us your name, phone number and property address, including unit and room number

When should I expect a response?

For requests received during regular business hours, our goal is to have a contractor sent out within 48 hours or sooner.  There are certain times of year where it may take a bit longer due to the volume of requests (particularly the weeks after September & May move in times) but all emergency or extremely urgent issues will be dealt with immediately.

Regular office hours: 10am - 6pm, Monday to Thursday and 10am-4pm Friday

What happens after hours in case of an emergency?
Call 519.342.0608 x 9

What am I responsible for?

Need some help? Check out these links! 

How to unclog your toilet + How to unclog your toilet without a plunger

Unclogging drains 

Changing lightbulbs

If you require assistance, please contact Resident Services.

As a resident, you are responsible for: 

 Unclogging the toilets

Unclogging drains

Changing light bulbs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


How do I use my thermostat? 
Solstice 2 has Honeywell Thermostats in all their units. Click here: How to program a Honeywell Thermostat  

Amenities Available in Your Building
Solstice 2 is proud to offer an array of amenities for your use.  Click here for more info.

Solstice 2 operates on a FOB system allowing you access to the building, your unit and the amenities. If you have any issues, including lost FOBs, contact immediately.

Helpful hint: If you have any issues getting into your unit, update your FOB by swiping on the any exterior building door.

Laundry Facilities     
Solstice 2 is proud to offer in-suite laundry facilities in all units for your convenience.

Remember: Must use detergents with the HE symbol to prevent damages and leaks!

Clean you lint traps regularly to avoid fire hazards! Simply locate the square lint trap located on the wall or ceiling by the dryer, open the trap using the knob, clean the lint, and replace the cover when done.  This also ensures your clothes dry in the shortest amount of time! 

 Bike Storage

The bike room is conveniently located on the first floor.  To gain access, complete this Bike Registration form and contact Resident Services.

Note: bikes are not allowed in stairwells, corridors, elevators, or in your unit.

Domus Inc. has partnered with HIP Developments and Rogers to provide you the FASTEST internet available. If you haven't already signed up, fill out this Internet form and contact Resident Services

Garbage,  Recycling  & Organics? 

Where to bring your garbage? Garbage chutes are located on floors 2 through 6. Residents on the first floor can access the waste room on the first floor beside the bike room and place waste in appropriate bins.

Solstice 2 is equipped with a tri-sorter. Instructions are posted in the chute rooms to help.

Where to bring your recycling? Recycle bins have been provided in the waste room. There is also a place for sorted beer, wine and spirit containers for those who do not wish to bring them to the beer store. There is a recycling bin for batteries, light bulbs and small electronics in the waste room too!  

How to Properly Use a Garbage Chute:

  1. ONLY small kitchen garbage/grocery bags can be thrown down the chutes.

  2. Cardboard boxes including pizza boxes and large outdoor garbage bags CANNOT be put down the chutes as they will clog them.

DO NOT put oversized items down the waste chute. If you clog the chute, your unit will be charged for unclogging and cleaning up the mess.  If you have large garbage items, please bring them directly to the additional dumpster located at the back of the building.  Thanks for your anticipated cooperation!

Environmental Awareness Matters:                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our Homeowners Environmental Stewardships Guide click here.

Assigned parking is available at Solstice 1 + 2.

How to sign up?  Please contact the Solstice office to inquire about parking availability. Email or Call 519.342.0608 x 3

Visitor parking is available. Residents must register visitors vehicles with Resident Services. You will need to submit your guest's: name, license plate number, car make + model + colour. Please also include the day(s) that parking is required. Note: Submitting a visitor parking request does not guarantee that the request will be accepted. Requests granted according to availability.

Please note residents cannot park in visitor parking nor in the commercial parking area.

Please remember that Solstice 2 is a non-smoking building, as per your lease and in regulation with the City of Guelph by-laws.  Smoking inside, on the terrace or within 10 feet of the building could result in a fine of $200 or more. 

Moving in/out or Expecting a BIG delivery? 
Please schedule with our Resident Services at

Important Links About Living in Gorgeous Guelph

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Click here for tons of helpful info on everything on the Guelph Transit system. 

Click here for the City of Guelph Neighbourhood Guide, full of lots of info on by-laws including street parking. 

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